Here at Four Rooms Paul and Myself (Michael) have been on a long and continuing road of refurbishment. Whilst having every window replaced throughout the building we noticed due to all vibrations throughout the house, the roof then needed attention along with Fascias, Sofits and Guttering. The work began again with a whole new roof along with the Fascias, Gutters and Sofits.

Once completed it was the turn of the Winter Suite and far sooner than we expected as when the roof was being replaced, the ceiling in the Suite had actually popped nails out through the plaster.

Paul and I began work and a total change was on the cards. Gone was the tired old wardrobe and dressing table along with chest of drawers to be replaced with a more contemporary feel. A feature wall now enhances the feel of the whole room.

We hope our new and returning guests will appreciate the change to our home as we like them also to all feel comfortable and at home in our home.