Our Inside Stories

True Situations We Prefer to Avoid

Michael and Paul.

Many people quote “it must be hard work running a B&B”

Our response is “We enjoy it, so not really” “It is only as difficult as our guests make it” Thankfully on the whole we have received many wonderful guests into our home and just the odd ones that will not be returning due to differing standards.

Paul and I have now started a non return list which we had never expected to put in place but there are still some people that slip through the net that do not have standards and expect to treat our home in the same manner as they do their own which is with extreme degradation. Respect is the cheapest of all manners, in fact it is free but many do not seem to have invested. This page holds just some inside stories that will give you the idea of what we avoid.

We are hoping that this page will not grow in size. as previously stated the many guests we have encountered have been wonderful and we both want them to return.

The people in the stories know who they are and we wish them well in the future.

No Actual names or dates have been published.

A Young Woman

Whilst running through the welcome pack she told us that we were brave having cream carpets and she normally has to complain wherever she stays. She then gave over her weeks washing which she needed laundering. I got on with the job in hand and she started her evening out on the town. I put a note on the bed whilst she was out to let her know that her washing was done and her dresses were ironed and in the wardrobe.  Morning dawned and my note was returned downstairs with a note written on the bottom begging that she could go back to bed after breakfast as she had been out till 5.30am.  She came downstairs whilst everyone was enjoying breakfast and just stated “I ent gonna make breakfast I’m going back to bed”, My answer was “What time would you like waking as the room is booked for this evening” The return answer was “Whatever”

I offered to wake her at 12pm and also said we would do a small breakfast on this occasion which I called brunch.

I knocked a few times until she decided to get up, she ate her brunch and then left.

The horror of the story was that we were not able to let the room that following evening due to the mess left behind and the evidence in bed that this was her “Time of the month”!!

All our mattresses have protectors but this did not save our duvet and sheets, now renewed.

Forgive us for not letting her over our threshold and into our home again.

The Married Couple

A married couple booked with us for 2 nights and then quickly sent an email message to say they wanted to arrive at 10am even though it quite clearly states on all of our booking platforms that check-in is from 3pm onwards.  As this is our home we are able to be flexible with this and we do say that if we do not have anyone booked for the previous evening then we are able to accommodate. We had guests in on the previous evening so we were unable to carry this out. Regardless of the check-in time the couple arrived at 10am whilst we were finishing breakfast. This meant we were unable to give our full attention to our resident guests. The following day the same situation happened except the couple who had arrived early in the first place were not happy as we had to speak to other guests arriving and not attending to them solely for breakfast.  This was exactly the same situation they had created themselves the morning before.

We kindly ask guests to be respectful to all other guests and not assume that they are the only ones booked into our home.

A Young Couple

The couple had stated that they loved our home and they were OCD and always kept things tidy.

Off they went out to enjoy the evening, a little later the doorbell rang and the gentleman had returned to say “I’ve fallen out with er” “She’s too mardy”

We felt as though we had opened a branch of Relate.

If this couple were OCD then it is felt that a tramp would also claim this. Makeup crushed into the carpet, towels stained due to trying to scrub the floor and cover up the damage. Nothing was untouched and a deep clean was carried out on their departure.

No mention of what had happened as they left for us to find after they had gone.

They had stated that they would like to return in the future.

I am clearly stating “No” as you will understand and they are now residing on the non return list.

The No Show

We took a booking in May ready for the following October from guests who had visited us previously. As time wore on the date was also asked for by other potential guests but as the suite was already booked this was our answer. The lady had stated she would pay via bank transfer when she arrived and we agreed.The day dawned and we waited for them to arrive but I think you know the outcome of this by the title of the story.

As we had the woman’s telephone number we tried to call but the phone rang unanswered.

I then sent a text message:

Thank you for your booking in May to which we have turned away other guests for October. I will not accept being taken advantage of in this manner and request that you do not book with us again in the future. We believe in trusting our guests as friends. Good Luck for the future. Regards Michael

Her Reply:

Sorry what booking are you referring to?

My Reply:

Four Rooms Blackpool. Booked in May and pay as bank transfer when you arrive. Your life may be busy as ours is. Picking up the phone is not difficult. Remember you are not the only person on the planet. We live here too. Michael and Paul.

Her Reply:

Well I am sorry but between booking and now I have been battling an illness so this booking was the last thing on my mind.

My Reply:

You were the first thing on our mind. Good luck with the illness. We have waited all day. Respect and manners are free, why not invest. I wish you well.

We heard no more after this.

It seems that a great deal of people think they can just do as they please no matter how it affects others around them which is not our way of living out life. This must be why the word selfish exists.

We no longer take bank transfers and operate a system of 30% payable on booking and the balance taken 30 days before arrival but still have a high regard for our guests past, present and future.

Respect deserves returned respect.

Yet another name has seeped onto our non return list. We can hope that the list will not grow but I have not had a hand in educating the few selfish.


The Man And The Model

The Door bell rings and I answer to be faced with a young woman with multi coloured hair

Not a Hello but “We wanna park” she states. I asked if she was booked in and so went out to lower the parking post.

They had turned up in a large van with ladders on the top and I was a little apprehensive that this may not fit but luckily it did.

Whilst checking in the couple in the usual way the man passed over the pen to the woman who then says “What ya givin it me for”?. I explained that everyone needs to fill in their details and sign, her answer was “Huh alright”

As soon as we entered the room she threw herself on the sofa and said “it feels just like ome don’t it.

I ran through the welcome pack and approached the subject of smoking and explained that no smoking indoors and that they could smoke outside. She then said “Oh I’ll try” To which I answered “No you will not smoke inside as the alarms will sound and you will be charged for the fire service call out. She made no answer.

I left them to settle in and they then left the house around 4 hours later after relaxing upstairs.

As they left I spoke to them in the hallway and they seemed fine and she had stated in the conversation that she was a model.

Our evening carried on as normal until it was time for bed as we had breakfasts to cater for in the morning and then at 12.30 the doorbell rang.

She was standing in the porch with dressing gown on and key in hand after smoking, laughing and saying, “I didn’t know which key to use”

As she went upstairs she shouted out “Thanks Babes”

In the morning I was serving breakfast to other guests when they appeared in the hallway with coats and bags. I said ”Good Morning” to which she ignored me. I then asked if they were coming in for breakfast. Her answer was “Weem getting out of ere” and then motioned to him to say “Come on”.

They left the keys and just drove off.

We then checked the room only to find that the newly installed one week old leather sofa was stained with blue, along with blue towels and blue in the bath and the toilet seat. We had to replace the toilet seat as this could not be saved and then had to start restoring order to the mess they had left behind.

My thoughts on this were that if she was a model then she really needed to try and expand her skills as we are all only young for a short time so this won’t last and maybe brush up on her standards, respect and people skills.

I think I can safely say that this will not happen and she will end up blaming the world and everyone around her for any failures.

Another resident on our Non Return List


The Party Animals

A young couple arrived at the door. Bed and breakfast had been booked along with a parking space.

They had arrived on the train so no parking space needed.

I asked the usual questions including reason for visiting? The answer I received was “Oh we’re just here to get smashed, just get as drunk as we can”.

I did state that we have a duty to our other guests and as long as you come in quietly and no damage then they will be ok. If not I would not be happy.

The following morning our guests had reason to complain as they had not been quiet when coming back from their session of over drinking, plus in the morning they did not want breakfast and would not get out of bed but also would not leave at the checkout time.

When they finally left at 12.30pm we found the room to be in a state of chaos with damage that we had not seen before. They did not like sticking by the rules for “My Home”

We charged for the damage and also charged for an extra night.

This was a lesson to them that they cannot enter our home and cause mayhem without further consequences.